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5 Extra Clauses to Include in a Lease Agreement

Writing a lease agreement is not just about rent. Include several additional clauses to make your relationship easier with tenants and protect your rental property.


Just because your new tenant does not have a pet when they first move in, does not mean it will stay that way. Include a special clause about how your tenants should go about bringing a pet into their rental. Consider what type of pet you do not want living on the property and the maximum size of the pet. Steven Taylor, a realtor and landlord based in Los Angeles, knows that landlords have a lot to take care of, so make sure you are not being too lenient with your pet policies.

Outside Upkeep

Tenants should be expected to upkeep both the inside and outside of their rental. As a landlord, you could include the cost of a gardener in rent, or you need to include a clause about the outside in the lease contract. The outside is the first thing prospective tenants see of a property, so there should be a mutual understanding between general wear-and-tear and neglect.


Obviously a new development will include several new appliances, but several do not include washers and dryers. Be very clear with potential tenants what appliances will be included in the cost of rent. As a landlord, you can avoid a lot of questions and frustrations by including a list in the lease.


Although landlords are more of a silent and invisible presence, you should be very clear on how long guests are permitted to stay at the rental property. After a few days, you may want your tenant to submit a formal request or send you written notice. Knowing about guests is for your protection.

Breaking the Lease

Your tenant may need to break their lease. After all, life happens. Be courteous if this happens; be certain to include in the lease how a tenant should break a lease. Breaking a lease is often expensive and complicated, so spell out your process very clearly.

Writing a contract or lease can be very difficult, so make your life as a landlord easier by including these five clauses and more if necessary.

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